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The Nursery is owned and managed by a qualified Primary School Teacher as well as a mum of two herself.  She is supported by a strong team consisting of a Deputy Manager, who has a degree in Early Years Education and plenty of childcare experience.   Along with a foundation phase co-ordinator, room supervisors and qualified and experienced nursery nurses.
All our staff have recognised qualifications and attend regular courses to keep their knowledge up to date. They also have a wide range of other life experiences, which gives them a mature and well-rounded approach to childcare.  Staffs are carefully screened and selected for their caring, helpful and approachable personalities.  Girl Smiling

          "A safe place is a happy place!"     

Our Philosophy
Our staff  understand that learning through play is vital to a Childs future success; they need the opportunity to build their own self confidence through natural and unhindered exploration.  They achieve individual success at their own pace, fitting a shape into a sorter for the first time can be a huge accomplishment that can help build their self esteem.  We aim to provide your child with a solid foundation for them to build upon through continued learning throughout their whole schooling experience.  Children should enjoy being able to learn new things and experience different activities and opportunities, they should be given the freedom to choose activities that fit in with their own interests.

Our staffs are trained to promote independence in children; they observe your child playing in order to give opportunities to further enhance your Childs natural curiosity and interests. 

The Nursery is bilingual, with the medium of Welsh promoted firstly. The nursery strongly promotes the immersion method in teaching two languages simultaneously.  We believe this to be most successful method in acquiring a second language.

Both non-Welsh-speaking children and Welsh-speaking children are equally welcome – emphasis is placed upon giving every child the opportunity to learn a wide range of Welsh language skills.

Parents wishing to purchase Welsh books and resources are encouraged to visit either: or  The nursery is an affiliated member of ‘Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin’ and also works in partnership with other agencies, such as the Welsh language board, Twf, Clybiau plant Cymru, Carmarthenshire Children’s partnership and Menter Cwm Gwendraeth in promoting and providing valuable opportunities for bilingualism in the early years.Quote




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